Yes, the irony of the name is intentional.

Given the alarming amount of political censorship and demonetization and denying citizens of basic internet services and technologies, the citizens are responding by remaking the web with technologies that don't rely on centralized authorities and can't be censored by them. This site showcases those services. Everything here is based on varying degrees of decentralized technologies.

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Decentralized Service Categories

Ad Networks

Decentralized advertising services. Think of Google AdSense, but without the Google, or the censorship, or the demonetization, but WITH the income!


Personal (or professional) blogs not stored on central servers, but decentralized and spread everywhere to prevent DDOS and censorship.


Decentralized money with no central authorities. Everyone is in control of their own money.

Decentralized ID

Decentralized identities put you in charge of your data. You create your own ID(s) on your own hardware and "log in" to dApps & services with that ID, sending nothing. The dApps & Services act as functiona...


Games that are DAPPs and/or have assets on a blockchain, or are just decentralized in some form or another.


Apps & services used for communication, like E-Mail & private messengers.


Miscelaneous services, sites, apps, and DAPPs that don't quite fit into any other categories.


Non-Fungible Tokens are not as complex as the hype is making them out to be. They're essentially a deed to an item, whether it be physical or virtual property. It's just a record on a blockchain identifyin...

P2P Compute

Decentralized sharing of computational resources for things like finding cures for diseases, hunting for E.T., & 3D rendering.


Services to handle payments between transacting parties, until both parties are finally able to fully support cryptocurrencies.

Search Engines

Decentralized search engines. Some specific, some general purpose.


Online shopping services.

Social Networking

Alternatives to the Big-Tech censor networks. Here are some social networks that have or are implementing decentralization.

Software Development

Tools, apps, & services to help YOU develop the next greatest decentralized app or service.


Decentralized alternatives to centralized cloud based storage.


Software & Services to help you deal with the confusing and incomplete tax rules regarding cryptocurrencies.


Video sharing services to publish, share, and possibly monetize your videos.


VPNs hide your internet activity from your local ISP & anyone else that might be spying on your wifi or wired connection. These are the dcentralized ones.

Web 3.0

Backend technologies to replace the centralized & censorable DNS controlled web.