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I am not a company, but one man, doing this on my time off, as a labor of love. All expenses are out of my own pocket including:

  • Domain registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Hardware
  • Development software
  • All other expenses

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and will be used to improve this free service. Because of big-tech payment processors expanding their censorship, I've chozen to not rely on them and rely only on the uncensorable power of you, via cryptocurrencies. I realize that limits the amount of people willing to contribute, but it also prevents me from becoming dependent on a revenue stream that is almost certain to be suddenly cut off.

If you can donate via cryptocurrency, please consider that when choosing an amount.

Thank you so much in advance!
Here a link to my donation page is a service showcased on this site here:
Cointree (



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