P2P Compute

Decentralized sharing of computational resources for things like finding cures for diseases, hunting for E.T., & 3D rendering.

Services & Apps


Fast, affordable, locally run internet Althea is a system that lets routers pay each other for bandwidth. This allows people to set up local ISPs in their communities. In an Althea network, instead of one IS...


A non-profit organization that invented the "Internet Computer", a technology that decentralizes backend services WITHOUT a blockchain, so that developers can create fully decentralized DAPPs & Services.

Folding At Home

A shared, computational effort to find cures for diseases & cancer.


Earn tokens by renting your unused computer power, render Blender animations, integrate WASM apps, test molecular simulations with gLAMBDA and transcode your video files


A do-it-yourself wireless mesh network that you can use, say, while hiking. You don't have to be in range of the furthest person, you just have to be in range of someone that's in range of someone, and so o...


Peer to peer virtual private servers. Decentralize comput power by sharing (selling) your idle CPU and/or rent other people's CPU power. "Our focus is on growing a decentralized network of anonymous web se...


An always running service to "PIN" OrbitDB databases, in case there are no other peers available, it'll keep your OrbitDB database online. Can also PIN IPFS content.

Science United

Science United lets you help scientific research projects by giving them computing power. These projects do research in astronomy, physics, biomedicine, mathematics, and environmental science; you can pick t...

SETI @ Home

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Users contribute their CPUs & GPUs to process raw radio signals from space, looking for signs of E.T.