Decentralized ID

Decentralized identities put you in charge of your data. You create your own ID(s) on your own hardware and "log in" to dApps & services with that ID, sending nothing. The dApps & Services act as functionality. Your data is on your end.

Services & Apps


Backend technology to create your own decentralized applications.

Impervious Browser

Releasing 2022/04/07: In addition to being a browser for decentralized apps & services, the project created a layer 3 on top of the BitCoin network with a bundle of APIs. "The Impervious APIs enable any ap...


ION is an open source, decentralized identification system. It was created by Microsoft, but is open source and fully decentralized. With ION, you can create your own decentralized ID (similar to a cryptoc...


A crypto wallet browser plugin & mobile app & gateway to blockchain apps. Has a built in decentralized exchange, supports multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and others. Supports your NFTs. MetaM...


A Decentralized social network, messaging service, and protocol


A blockchain with a focus on privacy. Oxen is the platform on which the privacy communications app Session is built, as well as the TOR-like privacy layer Lokinet. Lokinet is like TOR, but newer, faster, and...