Personal (or professional) blogs not stored on central servers, but decentralized and spread everywhere to prevent DDOS and censorship.

Services & Apps

Beaker Browser

A browser for a decentralized web AND is also PART OF the decentralized web.


A blogging platform on the "SOLID" network.


Ignite is a decentralized social network, which allows everyone to share their mind freely via texts and media files. All the posts are distributed through Binance Smart Chain and are immutably stored distri...


Create static content websites. This is not a tool made for decentralization, but can be used to create decentralized, static websites to be deployed on IPFS or other decentralized platforms.


A "SOLID" network based blogging platform.


Decentralized social networking site. They just announced on June 18, 2020, that their next release will be 100% decentralized!


A very simple blogging platform. It appears that it relies heavily on the centralized DNS (Domain Name System)

UnstoppableDomains Blog

A blogging platform to create your blog on IPFS and linked to your UnstoppableDomains domain name.