VPNs hide your internet activity from your local ISP & anyone else that might be spying on your wifi or wired connection. These are the dcentralized ones.

Services & Apps

Impervious Browser

Releasing 2022/04/07: In addition to being a browser for decentralized apps & services, the project created a layer 3 on top of the BitCoin network with a bundle of APIs. "The Impervious APIs enable any ap...


We have created a unique VPN sharing marketplace that allows users to sell their unused bandwidth to earn passive income. This marketplace also allows users to shield their browsing habits from prying eyes b...


A TOR-like anonymity network, but fully decentralized and faster than TOR.

Mysterium Network Client

Mysterium is building a decentralised P2P VPN and other tools that allow you to browse the internet freely, earn by sharing your connection, and build censorship-resistant applications. Pay for what you use...

Mysterium Network Node

Backend node to keep the Mysterium VPN up and running. Mysterium is a P2P VPN. Earn MYST cryptocurreny by running the node.


A Decentralized P2P VPN. Earn crypto by selling your unused bandwidth. Use the VPN for your protection and pay others for their bandwidth.


A blockchain with a focus on privacy. Oxen is the platform on which the privacy communications app Session is built, as well as the TOR-like privacy layer Lokinet. Lokinet is like TOR, but newer, faster, and...

TOR Network

A decentralized, multi-layered, encrypted network to protect its users from tyrannical governments. It hides both their identities and their traffic.