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Decentralized search engines. Some specific, some general purpose.

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Search engines for the TOR network

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A decentralized search engine. The link provided is a bridge to the Ethereum DNS. It will get you to the search page, but the search results will not have the ".link" appended. You'll need to be running a...


Search engine for decentralized websites on the .eth naming system.


The leading website for cryptocurrency prices and charts.

Decentralization Central

(This site) - A search engine for all things decentralized, whether for games, videos, messaging, file storage, and so much more. It provides a summary, a list of what IS decentralized, a list of platforms...


A search engine for decentralized financial products and services.


A decentralized search engine.


DuckDuckGo is not just a regular search engine. It exists on the TOR network too!


A website that has TONS of information about Ethereum, including a block explorer, smart contracts, DAPPs, Ethereum based tokens, and price charts.

IPFS Search

Search for IPFS content


The name Map3 refers to the 3rd generation of maps and also the map for the Web3 movements. Map has evolved substantially over the last two decades, broadly along the line of map data and map service. Here w...

Onion URL Repository


A search engine for the TOR network


Gamifies random findings on the dark web. Enter at your own risk and ONLY with a TOR browser! VPN is recommended too! And a barf bag!


An open source search engine that aggregates search results from ~70 search engines. You can run your own node too, so you don't have to rely on others to respect your privacy.


The directory in TorLinks has a wide range of intellectual results, with the most notable being the literary section. ?K.H. http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/


A decentralized search enging for Ethereum DAPPs.


A peer-to-peer search engine. Your searches are local to your own instance + distributed to your peers running YaCy to search their content as well. You decide what your node indexes. Your node + everyone el...


A search engine for the TOR network