Miscelaneous services, sites, apps, and DAPPs that don't quite fit into any other categories.

Services & Apps


4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infras...


Aave is a decentralized non-custodial money market protocol where users can participate as depositors or borrowers. Depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, while borrowers are ab...


Fast, affordable, locally run internet Althea is a system that lets routers pay each other for bandwidth. This allows people to set up local ISPs in their communities. In an Althea network, instead of one IS...

Antara Framework

Komodo’s Antara Framework is a simple and adaptable framework for custom blockchain development. Antara makes it easier than ever before to launch a chain, activate modules, and start building blockchain-bas...

Arcane Maps

A decentralized mapping service, competitive with Google Maps. ALL your data is stored LOCALLY!

Arcane Office

A decentralized suite of office apps: Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Photo Library, Image Privacy Tool. This suite of apps runs on the BlockStock blockchain. An alternative to Google Docs.


Networking without the internet. "Better Approach To Mobile Ad-hoc Networking". Is a routing protocol for multi-hop ad-hoc mesh networks.

BitBox02 BitCoin Only Edition

A Swiss made BitCoin hardware wallet. USB-C & USB-A. Tiny screen with touch sensitivity on the side. The BitCoin Only Edition supports only BitCoin to reduce the attack surface.

BitBox02 Multi Edition

A Swiss made BitCoin hardware wallet. USB-C & USB-A. Tiny screen with touch sensitivity on the side. The BitCoin Multi Edition supports multiple cryptocurrencies and can be used as a 2 factor auth dongle...


A password manager where you can run your own service, not relying on third parties.


A protocol and platform to connect all the blockchains.


Like Docusign, but on the blockchain and decentralized.


A backend technology for decentralized services & apps.


A centralized website that shows current and historical pricing for many cryptocurrencies.


The leading website for cryptocurrency prices and charts.

ColdCard MK3

BitCoin only hardware wallet. Calculator sized with a numeric keypad and a bright screen. A GREAT feature of this wallet is that it has a DURESS key! If FORCED to key in your password, you enter the fake,...


A platform to earn interest on your crypto. It uses multiple centralized platforms.


Looks like it might be an early alpha version of a note taking app where your data is stored in your SOLID pod.


A non-profit organization that invented the "Internet Computer", a technology that decentralizes backend services WITHOUT a blockchain, so that developers can create fully decentralized DAPPs & Services.

Digital Proof

A document proof of existence service that records a hash of any file on the DCore blockchain.


A blogging platform on the "SOLID" network.


A project to rival wikipedia. Decentralized with experts rating entries related to their expertise.


Archive online content like tweets, web pages, & text to blockchains and with a proof of timestamp of the data.


A decentralized metaverse focused on hyperrealism on Mars. Virtual realestate is for sale. As of early 2022, they're still in beta because the hardware required is far beyond consumer price points.


A decentralized encyclopedia, similar to WikiPedia, but without the censorship. You can submit changes to an article by staking cryptocurrency. If your suggestion is accepted, it's incorporated into the ar...


A task manager running on the "SOLID" network.


A website showing the up to the second prices on fees (a.k.a. "gas") for transferring cryptocurrenices.


Charts and metrics and analytics of cryptocurrencies. This site is not decentralized, but it provides quality information about multiple cryptocurrencies.


PGP Encryption Software and PGP keystore. This is critical software to validate software that you download has not been tampered with. It's also used for managing public PGP email encryption keys of your c...


End-To-End Encrypted Google Docs Alternative. It's open source and you can run your own, local instance. No storage limits. Collaborate on docs with others. Share docs with anyone.

HAM Radio Mesh Networking

Documentation on how to run a mesh network over HAM radio.

HTC Blockchain Router

Not yet released at time of this writing: HTC will release a 5G blockchain router that's a FULL BITOCIN NODE! It runs Android and hosts the Zion cryptocurrency wallet. Supports up to 2.46Gb/s bandwidth.

HTC Cryptophone

A full BitCoin node on the phone! Introducing the Cryptophone, the next-generation device that combines the usability of the smartphone and the security of a crypto hardware wallet. The secure all-in-one de...


A complete framework for decentralized apps & services. User identities are user created, locally on their own hardware, are not owned or controlled by any site or service. Publishers can publish to the dece...

Impervious Browser

Releasing 2022/04/07: In addition to being a browser for decentralized apps & services, the project created a layer 3 on top of the BitCoin network with a bundle of APIs. "The Impervious APIs enable any ap...

IPFS Wordpress Bridge

A Wordpress plugin for your Wordpress blog/site that automatically re-publishes your content to IPFS every time you create or update a page on your site.


The name Map3 refers to the 3rd generation of maps and also the map for the Web3 movements. Map has evolved substantially over the last two decades, broadly along the line of map data and map service. Here w...


A language designed for the "Internet Computer", a decentralized platform.


A note taking app running on the "SOLID" network. Edit text files stored in your SOLID Pod.


Looks like it's a source code editor in the browser using some Visual Studio Code features. It runs on the "SOLID" netowrk.


Timestamp any digital content on the BitCoin blockchain. It will provide you with a cryptographic proof that the digital item existed, EXACTLY in that state on or before the timestamp.


Simple, in-browser web hosting shared via webtorrent. No central servers.


A "SOLID" network based blogging platform.


A bookmarking app to store bookmarks in your SOLID pod.

Proof of Existence

Timestamp any digital content on the BitCoin blockchain. This is a demonstration of what can be done. You're not limited to using this service. You can perform this timestamping yourself.

Samourai Wallet

An open source wallet app (mobile only) for BitCoin. It also supports a full node, if you want to run one, and a coin mixer to remove KYC from your coins you purchased at a centralized exchange.


A very simple blogging platform. It appears that it relies heavily on the centralized DNS (Domain Name System)


A replacement for SOME of Google Docs. Fully zero knowledge encryption as well as decentralized storage via IPFS (or stored on their servers, your choice). Open source. You can upgrade to a paid service wit...


A way to sell access to your protected digital content using NFTs. Though NFTs are decentralized, this service is a centralized service, but the NFTs act as a provable certificate or receipt to the content.


Decentralized, open source, encrypted photo sync, share, and backup. Your data is stored in a decentralized system designed to last forever


A program for developers to join to start writing decentralized apps for the DFinity decentralized "Internet Computer" platform.


Urbit OS is a clean slate reimagining of the operating system as an 'overlay OS.' It runs on any Unix machine with an internet connection. It's a compact system for an individual to run their own permanent...


A blockchain voating system developed by MIT for more secure elections. Most promoted feature is being able to vote from your phone from anywhere, which, in all honesty, is NOT a secure option. It's impossi...


Accounting software for your cryptocurrencies so you can properly calculate your taxes. It integrates with 400+ cryptocurrency exchanges, including decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.