Decentralized alternatives to centralized cloud based storage.

Services & Apps


4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infras...


A framework to simplify creating decentralized apps & services. It provides decentralized user management, decentralized databases, management of decentralized apps, and decentralized deployment.


A peer-to-peer file sharing platform.

Brave Browser

An open source browser, built from Chromium source with all the Google spyware removed and extra privacy features added & ad blockers. MetaMask is built in. "Crypto Wallets" is built in. As of January 2021...


BitTorrent File System: Mount any BitTorrend seed as a read only drive. Access it with any software on your device. This means that files/folders shared by other BitTorrent users around the globe on the d...


A non-profit organization that invented the "Internet Computer", a technology that decentralizes backend services WITHOUT a blockchain, so that developers can create fully decentralized DAPPs & Services.


Estuary is a reliable way to upload public data onto Filecoin and pin it to IPFS.

A decentralized file publishing service. It uses FileCoin as the base technology.


A decentralized, fully encrypted, replicated, personal storage backup.


A suite of tools to manage the deployment of your decentralized apps & services. They provide seeding for your content to ensure it's always available on IPFS too and is quick. There is a free plan all the...


A complete framework for decentralized apps & services. User identities are user created, locally on their own hardware, are not owned or controlled by any site or service. Publishers can publish to the dece...


InterPlanetary File System. A completely decentralized file sharing technology. This is a backend file service that MANY decentralized services and apps rely on. Think of it as a global, public, temporary...

IPFS Wordpress Bridge

A Wordpress plugin for your Wordpress blog/site that automatically re-publishes your content to IPFS every time you create or update a page on your site.


A fully decentralized video sharing backend technolgy used by & the LBRY apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, & iOS. Think of it as YouTube, but without the censorship, shadow-banning, demonetiz...


An open source, portable digital file distribution tool based on inexpensive hardware that enables delivery of educational, healthcare, and other vital information to individuals off the grid.


An embedded IPFS engine implemented in C#. It implements the IPFS Core API which makes it possible to create a decentralised and distributed application without relying on an "IPFS daemon". Basically, your a...


OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share a file of any size.


A centralized, paid website service that lets you easily PIN and publish your content to IPFS without running your own IPFS nodes. The main feature is that they ensure a copy of your content is always avail...


A C# library to manage your files you're seeding on the service.


An always running service to "PIN" OrbitDB databases, in case there are no other peers available, it'll keep your OrbitDB database online. Can also PIN IPFS content.


an API driven solution for deploying multitiered storage across Filecoin and IPFS. Persistent storage on Filecoin allows rich storage configuration for data such as replication factor, miner selection, deal...

@reSeeIt permanently saves any Tweet, Tweet Thread or Twitter Conversation as a high-resolution image, PDF, and permanent record utilizing the Polygon blockchain and IPFS for distributed and durable storage....


Decentralized, fully encrypted, multi-replicated, personal backup.

Simply Static

A Wordpress plugin for your Wordpress blog/site that makes a static version of your Wordpress site. To make your site decentralized, once SimplyStatic has converted it, download the zip file, unzip it, and...


Skynet, by Sia, is similar to IPFS. It's for decentralized publishing of files. Each file is addressible by its unique hash. They have a decentralized blogging platform to demonstrate what you can do with...


Space is an open source file storage, sharing and collaboration platform built on the distributed web. You can think of V1 of Space as a private, encrypted, p2p version of dropbox or google drive, and you ca...


A Decentralized framework for data monetization. Stoa is a distributed platform that allows users to buy and sell any data in a secure and decentralized way. The whole process is anonymous and does not requ...


A decentralized messenger app, a cryptocurrency, a wallet, and a decentralized storage app.


Textile is a set of open source tools that provide a decentralized database, IPFS-based storage, content hosting, and more over Libp2p, IPFS, and Filecoin.

Decentralized, open source, encrypted photo sync, share, and backup. Your data is stored in a decentralized system designed to last forever

Eliminate silos with the platform. Using IPFS and other decentralized protocols, create a true data layer that connects you, your users, and the Web, regardless of where content is stored - clie...