Web 3.0

Backend technologies to replace the centralized & censorable DNS controlled web.

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Software to let you browser the legacy and/or decentralized web.


The legacy DNS system is being censored. Here is the decentralized future of DNS.

Services & Apps


From their docs: "3Box is a secure and decentralized user data storage system. It's the easiest way for developers to build engaging, fully-featured applications without needing to run a backend for handling...


4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infras...


A decentralized search engine. The link provided is a bridge to the Ethereum DNS. It will get you to the search page, but the search results will not have the ".link" appended. You'll need to be running a...


A framework to simplify creating decentralized apps & services. It provides decentralized user management, decentralized databases, management of decentralized apps, and decentralized deployment.

Beaker Browser

A browser for a decentralized web AND is also PART OF the decentralized web. This browser gives you the ability to CREATE your own presence on the Beaker decentralized web. Create your own decentralized we...


A protocol and platform to connect all the blockchains.


Backend technology to create your own decentralized applications.

Brave Browser

An open source browser, built from Chromium source with all the Google spyware removed and extra privacy features added & ad blockers. MetaMask is built in. "Crypto Wallets" is built in. As of January 2021...


BitTorrent File System: Mount any BitTorrend seed as a read only drive. Access it with any software on your device. This means that files/folders shared by other BitTorrent users around the globe on the d...

Bunsen Browser

An experimental P2P web browser for Android that uses Dat (Beaker Platform) to download and share websites, online and offline. If you have an Android device with an ARMv7 processor you can try it out. It's...


Looks like it might be an early alpha version of a note taking app where your data is stored in your SOLID pod.


A non-profit organization that invented the "Internet Computer", a technology that decentralizes backend services WITHOUT a blockchain, so that developers can create fully decentralized DAPPs & Services.


A blogging platform on the "SOLID" network.


A decentralized Domain Name Service (DNS) that CANNOT be censored. Register domain names ending with ".eth". Access them from a browser that supports them with the domain name, ending with a slash. For ex...


Estuary is a reliable way to upload public data onto Filecoin and pin it to IPFS.


A centralized gateway to decentralized ENS domain name sites. If you have a decentralized .ETH domain, like DecentralizationCentral.ETH, tell your Web3 unaware users to go to the same site, but with ".limo"...


Cloudflare's centralized gateway to decentralized ENS domain name sites. If you have a decentralized .ETH domain, like DecentralizationCentral.ETH, tell your Web3 unaware users to go to the same site, but wi...


A centralized gateway to decentralized ENS domain name sites. If you have a decentralized .ETH domain, like DecentralizationCentral.ETH, tell your Web3 unaware users to go to the same site, but with ".radio"...


A decentralized metaverse focused on hyperrealism on Mars. Virtual realestate is for sale. As of early 2022, they're still in beta because the hardware required is far beyond consumer price points.


A task manager running on the "SOLID" network.


Freenet is a peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant communication and publishing.


A browser based on Chromium source that handles Handshake decentralized domain names (in addition to legacy ICANN domain names).


From their official website: "Hive is an innovative and forward-looking decentralized blockchain and ecosystem, designed to scale with widespread adoption of the currency and platforms in mind. By combining...


A complete framework for decentralized apps & services. User identities are user created, locally on their own hardware, are not owned or controlled by any site or service. Publishers can publish to the dece...


The I2P network provides strong privacy protections for communication over the Internet. Many activities that would risk your privacy on the public Internet can be conducted anonymously inside I2P.

Impervious Browser

Releasing 2022/04/07: In addition to being a browser for decentralized apps & services, the project created a layer 3 on top of the BitCoin network with a bundle of APIs. "The Impervious APIs enable any ap...


The web 3.0 browser for the "SOLID" network, a recreation of the web by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the original WWW.


ION is an open source, decentralized identification system. It was created by Microsoft, but is open source and fully decentralized. With ION, you can create your own decentralized ID (similar to a cryptoc...


InterPlanetary File System. A completely decentralized file sharing technology. This is a backend file service that MANY decentralized services and apps rely on. Think of it as a global, public, temporary...

IPFS Search

Search for IPFS content

IPFS Wordpress Bridge

A Wordpress plugin for your Wordpress blog/site that automatically re-publishes your content to IPFS every time you create or update a page on your site.


Create static content websites. This is not a tool made for decentralization, but can be used to create decentralized, static websites to be deployed on IPFS or other decentralized platforms.


Peer-to-peer chat Video & text. Private & encrypted. Unparalleled quality. Private & encrypted Keet only shares end-to-end encrypted data between the participants in every call. Without middlemen, third-par...


A TOR-like anonymity network, but fully decentralized and faster than TOR.


A complete and total replacement of the WWW. It's built beginning with privacy, security, & decentralization first.


An open network for secure, decentralized communication. Developers can use this to build secure, decentralized messaging applications. [Update 2022-03-27] Matrix now has an early version of DECENTRALIZED...


A do-it-yourself wireless mesh network that you can use, say, while hiking. You don't have to be in range of the furthest person, you just have to be in range of someone that's in range of someone, and so o...


A crypto wallet browser plugin & mobile app & gateway to blockchain apps. Has a built in decentralized exchange, supports multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and others. Supports your NFTs. MetaM...


A language designed for the "Internet Computer", a decentralized platform.


A decentralized Domain Name Service (DNS) that CANNOT be censored.


An embedded IPFS engine implemented in C#. It implements the IPFS Core API which makes it possible to create a decentralised and distributed application without relying on an "IPFS daemon". Basically, your a...


A Decentralized social network, messaging service, and protocol


A note taking app running on the "SOLID" network. Edit text files stored in your SOLID Pod.


Hard to tell what this really is, but appears to be a decentralized private messenger running on the decentralized network called "SOLID".


Looks like it's a source code editor in the browser using some Visual Studio Code features. It runs on the "SOLID" netowrk.

Opera Desktop Browser

Desktop browser for Linux, Windows, & Mac that supports Ethereum based domain names such as .ETH, .Crypto and many others. These domain names are NOT part of the traditional ICANN domain naming system. The...


A blockchain with a focus on privacy. Oxen is the platform on which the privacy communications app Session is built, as well as the TOR-like privacy layer Lokinet. Lokinet is like TOR, but newer, faster, and...


Simple, in-browser web hosting shared via webtorrent. No central servers.


A centralized, paid website service that lets you easily PIN and publish your content to IPFS without running your own IPFS nodes. The main feature is that they ensure a copy of your content is always avail...


A C# library to manage your files you're seeding on the Pinata.cloud service.


An always running service to "PIN" OrbitDB databases, in case there are no other peers available, it'll keep your OrbitDB database online. Can also PIN IPFS content.


A "SOLID" network based blogging platform.


A bookmarking app to store bookmarks in your SOLID pod.


@reSeeIt permanently saves any Tweet, Tweet Thread or Twitter Conversation as a high-resolution image, PDF, and permanent record utilizing the Polygon blockchain and IPFS for distributed and durable storage....

Simply Static

A Wordpress plugin for your Wordpress blog/site that makes a static version of your Wordpress site. To make your site decentralized, once SimplyStatic has converted it, download the zip file, unzip it, and...


A decentralized database using the decentralized SIA technology. This database technology is 100% decentralized, meaning there are no centralized dependenices.


Skynet, by Sia, is similar to IPFS. It's for decentralized publishing of files. Each file is addressible by its unique hash. They have a decentralized blogging platform to demonstrate what you can do with...


Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web has completely re-invented the web with privacy, security, and decentralization first. It appears that apps running on the SOLID network can work in a standard brows...


A decentralized chess game running on top of the "SOLID" network. Moves are sent direct to your opponent's inbox.


A community based chat services running on the decentralized network called, "SOLID".


Status is a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology.


A way to sell access to your protected digital content using NFTs. Though NFTs are decentralized, this service is a centralized service, but the NFTs act as a provable certificate or receipt to the content.


Textile is a set of open source tools that provide a decentralized database, IPFS-based storage, content hosting, and more over Libp2p, IPFS, and Filecoin.


An open source project to provide a FULLY decentralized web, with no reliance on any centralized services. You can get a pre-made box to run that'll help improve the capacity of the network.

TOR Browser

A browser, built from FireFox source, with massive amounts of privacy protection added, to browse the TOR web.

TOR Network

A decentralized, multi-layered, encrypted network to protect its users from tyrannical governments. It hides both their identities and their traffic.


A program for developers to join to start writing decentralized apps for the DFinity decentralized "Internet Computer" platform.


A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens. There are runnable versions on IPFS! #DeFi

Unstoppable Domains

A decentralized Domain Name System (DNS)

UnstoppableDomains Blog

A blogging platform to create your blog on IPFS and linked to your UnstoppableDomains domain name.


Urbit OS is a clean slate reimagining of the operating system as an 'overlay OS.' It runs on any Unix machine with an internet connection. It's a compact system for an individual to run their own permanent...


Eliminate silos with the web3.storage platform. Using IPFS and other decentralized protocols, create a true data layer that connects you, your users, and the Web, regardless of where content is stored - clie...


A search engine for the decentralized web.


Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network