ColdCard MK3

Misc Crypto Wallets


WARNING! Hardware wallets should ONLY be bought NEW and ONLY DIRECT from the manufacturer. It's a common scam for middlemen to pre-create your key, so they know what it is, then steal your crypto as soon as you deposit it.

WARNING! You are responsible for your private keys. If you lose them, your crypto is gone. There's nothing ANYONE can do for you. With freedom comes responsibility.

BitCoin only hardware wallet. Calculator sized with a numeric keypad and a bright screen. A GREAT feature of this wallet is that it has a DURESS key! If FORCED to key in your password, you enter the fake, duress one, which opens a secondary wallet, indistinguishable from the other one. Put a little BitCoin in this to make it appear legit (and that you are willing to lose).


ColdCard MK3 will work without centralized DNS. It will work without central servers. User accounts are self-hosted, meaning the user is in full control. Monetization is uncensorable and unstoppable with cryptocurrencies.

DNS Servers User Accounts Crypto Monetization

  = unknown or n/a    = Decentralized    = Centralized

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