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A Wordpress plugin for your Wordpress blog/site that makes a static version of your Wordpress site. To make your site decentralized, once SimplyStatic has converted it, download the zip file, unzip it, and publish its contents to IPFS. Then you can either publish the IPFS hash (not recommended) or use one of the many decentralized naming systems and update your name record with the new IPFS hash and publish your decentralized domain name. Click the "DDNS" button below for more on decentralized domain names.


Simply Static will not work without centralized DNS. It will not work without central servers. User accounts are not in the user's control. They're controlled by the service provider. An uncensorable and unstoppable monetization system is NOT supported.

DNS Servers User Accounts Crypto Monetization

  = unknown or n/a    = Decentralized    = Centralized

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