Social Networking


A centralized, but crypto-monetized social network that incentivizes you to contribute, evaluate, or engage with quality and original content inside Lairs. We strive to combat fraud, fake news, and censorship with blockchain technology and decentralized governance. It distributes a cryptocurrency called "Matter" (MTR), generating 1,000 tokens a day. You receive 24 "energies" a day that you can spend to post content. You can "bet" your crypto on your own content by voting what you think others will vote. If you're right, you earn more. If you're wrong, you lose your crypto that you bet. The content is stored on the DragonChain blockchain. You can create, own, & monetize "Lairs", which are like groups for particular interests.


Den.Social will not work without centralized DNS. It will not work without central servers. User accounts are not in the user's control. They're controlled by the service provider. Monetization is uncensorable and unstoppable with cryptocurrencies.

DNS Servers User Accounts Crypto Monetization

  = unknown or n/a    = Decentralized    = Centralized

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