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An open source browser, built from Chromium source with all the Google spyware removed and extra privacy features added & ad blockers. MetaMask is built in. "Crypto Wallets" is built in. As of January 2021, v1.19.x now directly supports IPFS to support decetralized apps. Also lets users run an actual IPFS node to improve the global IPFS network & offline viewing of IPFS content. Also supports the BAT cryptocurrency to encourage decentralized monetization. Has TOR built in. Can auto-redirect .onion sites to TOR.


Brave Browser will work without centralized DNS. It will work without central servers. User accounts are self-hosted, meaning the user is in full control. Monetization is uncensorable and unstoppable with cryptocurrencies.

DNS Servers User Accounts Crypto Monetization

  = unknown or n/a    = Decentralized    = Centralized

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