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A fully decentralized video sharing backend technolgy used by & the LBRY apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, & iOS. Think of it as YouTube, but without the censorship, shadow-banning, demonetization, and account deletion. It does not depend on a website or a domain name. If BitCoin and YouTube were to have a child, this would be it. was the first Web front end, the they created as a more consumer friendly version and retired LBRY.TV. They were 2 front ends to the EXACT same user accounts and content. It was not necessary to have them both and the name was confusing people with the LBRY backend technology. So now, LBRY refers to the back end blockchain and cryptocurrency technology that hosts the meta data of the videos. and the apps are the user front ends to upload, view, & tip the creators. Old links to are automatically redirected to now.


LBRY will work without centralized DNS. It will work without central servers. User accounts are self-hosted, meaning the user is in full control. Monetization is uncensorable and unstoppable with cryptocurrencies.

DNS Servers User Accounts Crypto Monetization

  = unknown or n/a    = Decentralized    = Centralized

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